Students Want A Snowboarding Club

Morgan Konopka, Reporter

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Arrowhead High School Seniors  have spoke out about wanting a snowboarding club this past week.. Arrowhead High School has 31 clubs and 22 sports to participate in, but snowboarding is not one of them. Arrowhead has their own competitive Alpine skiing team for both boys and girls, not allowing snowboarders to compete.

Spencer Patterson, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “I just don’t think it is fair to have a competitive ski team, and not even give students a chance to have a snowboarding club. I have been snowboarding since I was little, and I would take any opportunity to be a part of a snowboarding activity here at Arrowhead.”

Patterson, says it would be fair to make at least a club for snowboarding at Arrowhead. Arrowhead High School students can propose clubs by introducing it to Becky Gordon, the Associate Principal. If the proposal is good, the student can then schedule a meeting with the school board of the Arrowhead High School school district.

Alex Hepfner, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “I love snowboarding so much, I started a couple years ago, it sucks because I think if Arrowhead would have had a club for snowboarding I would’ve become interested in it so much sooner than when I did start.”
Hepfner believes if Arrowhead High School had opened opportunities to snowboard, she would have started years earlier.

Hepfner said, “Snowboarding isn’t a random activity to pick up, you usually become interested with the peers around you who already do snowboard. So many high school students are missing out on what could become their favorite hobby. It is just sad that not everyone gets to understand what it is like, and don’t have the easy opportunities to get involved.”

Snowboarders sign up for a competitions, and they are able to practice on ski hills in the terrain parks, or just casually riding down the hills. Snowboarders are able to compete for points, due to form, tricks, and style.

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