JSA Are Showing What They Got in Madison

Morgan Konopka, Reporter

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JSA, Junior State of America, is a club at Arrowhead where students debate political topics, they are able to compete with other schools, and at the end of each debate there is a vote on what party won the debate. JSA meets once a month in Arrowhead social studies teacher, Tim Tower’s, room on the first Wednesday of every month. JSA is going to the Midwest Junior State Convention in Madison on December eighth to December ninth. 125 Students from Arrowhead will be attending, in order to propose ideas for legislation.

The chaperones leading this event are Arrowhead High School teachers Tim Tower, Chris Skaros, Nate Flesch, and Tamara Varsos.

Audrey Koller, JSA member, says “It makes me feel safe to know emergency contacts are provided in case anything ever were to happen while we’re so far away from our homes. It is very reassuring to the students going on the trip along with the parents of the students.”

JSA has a strict due date of turning in permission slips along with checks, by November 6th, in order to organize the event efficiently, and with enough time.

Brooke O’Connor, the head of the green party, said, “I went last year and I am planning on going this year, it was so fun. Everything was organized and everyone was prepared, the trip went very smooth from the beginning to the end. It was also something completely different from regular Arrowhead JSA debates, there were a widespread of opinions among the hundreds of kids that attended the convention.”

The Midwest Junior State Convention is held in Madison, Wisconsin at the State Capital. It is a convention for all schools throughout the midwest to attend, and are able to debate and to pass fake legislature. Students are able to come to the convention by attending the JSA meetings at Arrowhead, and turning permission slips into the office.

Abby Rick, the moderator, said, “I love the whole vibe of the convention because we all have to dress accordingly to the zip code, and we get to act professional around people of the same interest”.

The convention has a dress code for the girls and boys individually, to look appropriate for the event. The girls are to wear casual dresses or skirts, blousers, and professional tops. The boys are to wear khakis/ dress pants, along with a nice dress top.

O’Connor said, “I hope Arrowhead continues the tradition of going to this convention, it is a great experience”.

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JSA Are Showing What They Got in Madison