Student Senate Hosts Arrowhead’s Giving Tree


The trees can be found at South campus in the library and at North campus in the front foyer.

Lily MacLean, Reporter

This year, Arrowhead Student Senate is sponsoring the Giving Tree. There are trees located at both campuses. The Giving Tree is an event where students take home a tag from the tree and purchase the gifts from the wishlists of the families in need.

This year, the Giving Tree started on November 19th. All gifts must be turned in by December 8th. Students are encouraged to pick up a tag from the tree, buy the present, and return it unwrapped to the bin by the tree by December 7th.

Student Senate is also taking cash donations to buy gifts for families. If a student wants to make a cash donation, they should place the money in a sealed envelope in Tamara Varsos’, the Student Senate Advisor, mailbox.

Student Senate Secretary, Maggie Siepmann, and Student Senate Junior Representative, Emma Reinhart, are a few of the board members in charge of the Giving Tree Committee this year.

Reinhart says Student Senate has done the Giving Tree for many years. One reason Student Senate decided to hold the event again was due to tradition. In the past, Arrowhead students have been eager to participate. She says the Giving Tree is a great way to help the community.

Siepmann says, “Student Senate choose to do the giving tree because it is a tradition we have had going on for many years. It is a great opportunity for Senate and the whole school to be involved with the whole community. It is the season of giving and it gets everyone involved which is very cool.”

According to Reinhart, the presents are delivered to families during the weeks leading up to Christmas. She says the gifts are delivered by the Student Senate Board members.

The Giving Tree families are from Waukesha County. Siepmann says she feels even better knowing that the presents will be making a difference in the lives of local families.
Siepmann says, “The families get everything on their wish lists and more. Every year the tags that are not taken from the tree are purchased by Student Senate. This year the social studies department is selling doughnuts raising money for the giving tree. The Arrowhead community is very generous with this event which makes it even better.”
According to Siepmann, Student Senate takes the tags that are not returned with a gift. They use their club funds and any monetary donations to purchase the remaining gifts for the families.

Reinhart says, “Student Senate will absolutely continue this tradition! It’s a great event we really enjoy doing!”