English Teacher Lights up Lunch with Lit Lunch

Meleana Strecher, Reporter

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Arrowhead’s English teacher, Liz Munkwitz had the first Lit Lunch of the year this October. Lit Lunch takes place in the library labs. She says the point of the lunches is to get more students to enjoy reading.

The next Lit Lunch is on Thursday, November 29th, in Lab A at South Campus, and Friday, November 30th, in the North Campus in the library classroom.

Munkwitz came up with the idea for lit lunch. She teaches literature classes as well as serves as a technology integrator.

At the most recent Lit Lunch, there were seven students who came during fifth-hour lunch and five students who came during sixth-hour lunch at North Campus. No kids attended the lit lunch at South Campus.

“Nevertheless, we persist,” says Munkwitz.

Munkwitz has asked other teachers in the English department to promote the lit lunches to the students in their classes. There are announcements in the mornings on both campuses. On the televisions in the lunchroom, there is a slide with the information about lit lunches. The library staff can also be asked about the Lit Lunches.

Arrowhead senior Ben Klein says, “I’ve never heard of Lit Lunch.”

Senior Natalie Purko said, “I think I’ve heard of it. What is it?”

Lit lunches are not a club or extracurricular activity. They are an option for students who love to read to meet with other kids. During Lit Lunch, students can browse books the library has recently purchased.

Students are encouraged to bring their lunches and talk with other avid readers or Munkwitz.

Students are able to go without having to pay a fee or sign up in advance.

Munkwitz says, “Everyone is welcome at lit lunches.”

Along with lit lunches, there is an Arrowhead book club students can join if they enjoy reading. The book club is advised by a German teacher, Frau Schueth, and she is assisted by social studies teacher, Ron Reichle. They have a meeting at the beginning of each month where they talk about the book they previously read and decide the book for the next month. There is no fee to join book club either, so students can show up at any meeting and they are in. They currently are reading The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky.

Arrowhead senior and book club member Ellie Artone says, “I love book club. It’s a fun thing each month that I look forward to. My free time is usually filled with me reading the book of the month. Everyone gets really into it.”

Lit lunches will continue to meet in library labs during both lunch periods throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to come and talk about books, discover new reads, and friends.

November 29th is the next meeting for South Campus and November 30th for North Campus.

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English Teacher Lights up Lunch with Lit Lunch