Soccer Kicks off Season with A New Building

Meleana Strecher, Reporter

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Arrowhead High School added a new soccer building on the soccer stadium grounds. Construction began during the Summer of 2018. The entire project was funded by donations from Arrowhead alumni.

Arrowhead High School football team has won over 4 State titles.   In 2004 and 2008 the boys soccer team was nationally ranked. In 2017 their team made it to the playoffs, and was awarded WIAA State Runner-Up.

In 2015 the basketball got a new locker room costing $662,000. The Arrowhead football program was the first nonprofessional stadium in Wisconsin to have a turf field.

The new building is a 1400 square foot Spancrete building, which includes; lockers, a space for their soccer equipment, a bathroom, a trainer area, and an area for them to meet and talk.

The project cost about $150,000. (n.a, 2015) Landscaping, foundation, heating, plumbing, and more will all be donated and the people building and installing will be donated as well. They did not have enough funding to install lockers but hope to in the future when funds open up. (n.a, 2015)

Arrowhead student Logan Gehring says he did not know about the new soccer building.

Arrowhead junior Natalie Purko said, “No, I have not heard anything about it.”

Arrowhead varsity senior soccer player Noah Klockow said,  “Um I think it’s pretty… I think we put more money into it than we needed to, but it’s for all the teams so its nice that it’s just not for varsity.” He did not know that Arrowhead did not put any money into it.

Arrowhead senior Jack Hazod says, “It is really weird. Like why waste good money on a boring sport?”

The new building will be for boys and girls, varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen.  There will be a space for equipment where all the teams can keep their stuff. “It will be nice to keep our equipment in a room instead of a locker.” says Noah Klockow.

A main alumni who donated the majority of the foundation is John Nagy, who graduated in 1985. He is the owner of Spancrete, located in Waukesha. The building is named Daniel A. Nagy Team Room. It is named the team room because it is all one open are.

The building is named after John Nagy’s brother who played soccer for Arrowhead. In 2006 Daniel Nagy passed away in a plane crash.

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