A Closer Look into JSA

Morgan Konopka, Reporter

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JSA, Junior State of America, is a club at Arrowhead where students debate political topics, they are able to compete with other school, and at the end of each debate there is a vote on won the debate.  JSA meets once and a month in Mr. Towers room on the first Wednesday of every month. Members also participate in other events, such as, Chapcon at Arrowhead, Fall State in Madison, and State in Washington DC. It allows the students to compete with other schools about legislation and other topics.

JSA consist of the Republican party, Democratic party, Green party, and a America’s first party. The students can step up to be a head leader of the parties to represent what they believe. Freshmen through seniors are able to attend meetings anytime they want.

Brooke O’Connor, the head of the green party, said, “Anyone is welcome to come, even if you aren’t signed up, it is a very welcoming area.” The students do not have to sign up in order to be apart of the club, but if they want to put it on their college applications and to participate in the events JSA offers, they must give $10 to the club.

Abby Rick, the moderator, said, “JSA is a great way to understand how debates actually work.” The head leaders of the club explain in the beginning of the school year how to debate properly.

JSA has set it up to make the debates formal with specific rules, such as no cross firing others when others are speaking, no harassing, and no mentioning the names of previous speakers.

O’Connor said, “All students should come to JSA even if it is just once. Students are able to express themselves and talk about important issues that usually aren’t discussed.” Jsa offers a variety of discussion among the members.

JSA members discuss issues like universal healthcare, tariffs, abortion, death penalty. Students are able use arguing tactics and to open the minds of others. The leaders offer a google document on the JSA website for members to request ideas, and the leaders use the ideas throughout the school year.

Rick says, “My favorite part of JSA was when I went to Madison with all of my friends. It was so fun to actually be in a high intense situation, and debate with other students from other schools.”     JSA participates in fall state to the Arrowhead students so they can experience mock trials in the capital with students from all over.

O’Connor said, “I had a friend who wanted nothing to do with politics and refused to ever talk about them, [but he] came to one JSA meeting and ended up loving it.” JSA is a place for all people with different amounts of political knowledge who are able to sit and listen to what other members have to say.

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A Closer Look into JSA