Writing Club Officially At AHS

Maria Francis, Reporter

Writing Club is a new club at Arrowhead for those who are either passionate about writing or looking for help with grammar and finding their voice. At monthly meetings, members will participate in peer editing, prompts, and brainstorming. Arrowhead’s Writing Club is for students looking for an outlet of expression or to improve and practice writing skills.

Meetings are a place for writers to feed off each other and to increase their skills in writing. There would most likely be snacks, according to Becky Gordon, the Associate Principal, sent in an email to the class of 2019.

Students can come to any or all of the meetings. All Arrowhead students are welcome to attend.

“I view people in writing club as future news reporters or people who are organized,” said Emmaline Lagerman, a senior at Arrowhead.

“I joined writing club last year when it still wasn’t an official school club and found I looked forward to every one of the meetings. Some days we bring our own works of literature and share them, giving each other constructive criticism, and other days we will use pictures as prompts or play word games to challenge our creative writing skills.  I don’t think there’s ever been a club meeting where everyone didn’t smile or laugh, yet I can tell how much I’ve improved since joining,” said Paige Breeding, sophomore at Arrowhead.

“Writing club is a place I look forward to going to. I am free to be myself. Writing is a very vulnerable part of a person, yet I feel extremely comfortable expressing myself with the group of people. Plus, it is a wonderful way to encourage myself to writing more!.” said Megan Resch,  junior

“The Writing Club is a safe spot where writers can meet with like-minded individuals to write, eat snacks, and have a lot of fun while also practicing what they enjoy.  It’s a comfortable environment with no judgement about what you’ve written down on paper. There is no discrimination between the newbies and the veterans, everyone is there to have fun no matter what your skill,”  said Jacqueline Milgram, junor.

Writing Club meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month after school from 2:45 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. in room N199. Students can also join the Google Classroom with the code am2n65g.

Announcements about Writing Club meetings will be made over the intercom or students can check out the Arrowhead calendar for exact dates.

Writing Club also allows students to send their work to publishers including Teen Ink and Arrowhead’s Literary magazine.

“We’re really excited to be official this year. Last year we were probationary. The members last year are really excited that we’re back. We didn’t have the opportunity to do as much last year because we were probationary so we’re hoping to do a lot more this year. Last year there were roughly 30 people total with 10 people at every meeting,” said Rachel Kriehn, co-founder of Writing Club.

To each meeting, students should bring something to workshop—a poem, essay, narrative, vignette. The teacher advisors are English teachers Elizabeth Jorgensen and Terri Carnell. If interested or have any further questions/concerns, students can contact Kriehn ([email protected]) or senior Sarah Lunow ([email protected]).