Arrowhead High School Supports Gold in September


Megan Keenan, Katie Lynch, and Ashley Miller sell Gold in September t-shirts throughout the week.

Maria Francis, Reporter

Arrowhead High School supported Gold in September during the Kick-off to Penny Wars football game on September 14th at Arrowhead High School. The Kick-off to Penny Wars event aims to raise awareness and to get other people to start Penny Wars to support Gold in September.

Arrowhead played Waukesha South. The purpose of the pre-game and booth at the football game was to spread the word that the Gold in September is starting a Penny War contest.

If one wants to host a Penny War fundraiser, they can visit this link. The Penny Wars are started at a school or business to raise money for childhood cancer. They create awareness, and spread positivity amongst students, families, and fans.

Gold in September is a childhood cancer non-profit based on raising funds and awareness.

“I created it because of my twin brother Jack. I did not want other families to feel the heartache of losing someone like mine did. I wanted people to know the Gold (G) is the color and September (9) is the color and month for childhood cancer as not many people knew,” said Bartosz.

The student section went at gold at the football game by wearing Gold in September shirts sold during 5th and 6th lunch hour all week. Shirts were sold for $10.

The football game took place at Arrowhead’s home field. There was a stand where people could donate and buy a shirt. There was also face paint, glitter, and ribbon. People were able to take the face paint and paint a cancer symbol or anything of their choosing on their face or lips. Glitter could have been applied on face, legs, or hair.

Gold in September wristbands were also sold at the stand. The wristbands are yellow with “Gold in September” pressed in black ink along with “G9” on the other side pressed in black ink.

Interested students and community members can visit to donate.

Bartosz spoke during pre-game.

Info on starting a penny can be found here.

“You just need an inspiration and drive to get started,” says Bartosz.