Arrowhead vs Oconomowoc Football Food Drive: Lewandowski Organizes Second Annual Football Food Drive

Nora Voght, Reporter

The Arrowhead versus Oconomowoc Football Food Drive is a competitive food drive Arrowhead will be taking part in. In this competitive drive, each school’s students will be collecting food for a local food pantry from 9/17 through 9/21/2018.

The Arrowhead versus Oconomowoc football game will take place at Arrowhead High School at 7:00 pm on Friday, September 21st, with the winner of the drive announced at 6:30 pm on the field.

There are boxes around Arrowhead High School and in classrooms for students to bring non-perishables. The final time to donate is 9/21 at lunch.

Kevin Lewandowski, the Arrowhead school psychologist and the primary staff member facilitating this competition, says, “We have tried to share a lot of the information through posters, announcements, Skylerts, and social media.”

Lewandowski says, “It would be amazing to win and collect more food than Oconomowoc but the main goal at the end of the day is trying to collect healthy foods so we can make other people’s lives a little bit better.”

This is the second year that Arrowhead will be taking part in a competitive food drive for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin; but Lewandowski says this is the first year it will be publicized through Wisconsin news on Channel 12.

Warhawk Interact is helping to organize the competition. Burkhart says, “The purpose of Warhawk Interact is to make a difference in the world around us through volunteering. We collect school supplies to send to schools all over the world, and collect food for our local community. We also volunteer through the local community, such as helping with events at feeder schools, helping retired teachers, and clean up parks. In doing so, we hope to teach our members the importance of giving back early so they continue to do so long after they leave Arrowhead. We also strive to instill key qualities of a good leader such as hard work, reliability, and responsibility.”

Addison Burkhart, a Warhawk Interact member, says, “The beauty of having a friendly competition is that we can excite both schools to positively impact our community, and pull in even more donations to help as many people as we can.”

The outcome of this event will impact the community. Lewandowski says, “I think the Arrowhead students, staff, and local community members are amazing and will be tough competition for Oconomowoc. With that being said, I know that Oconomowoc has done a great job spreading the word about this competition and will be tough to beat.  Win or lose, we will donate a lot of food and that is something both communities should be proud of.”

Burkhart says, “I believe it is important for our Arrowhead community to contribute to those around us in any way we can, and this food drive is one way to do so. We (Warhawk Interact) are optimistic about the results, and hope that the Arrowhead students can pull together and beat Oconomowoc.”