School Store Now Sells Slushies… and More

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School Store Now Sells Slushies… and More

Natalie Purko Serving Slushies in the School Store

Natalie Purko Serving Slushies in the School Store

Natalie Purko Serving Slushies in the School Store

Natalie Purko Serving Slushies in the School Store

Maddy Michelini, Reporter

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The school store is a store run by Arrowhead DECA, a businesses club, located off the Arrowhead North Campus cafeteria.

Under business teacher Steve Melzer’s advisement, the school store has been open for many years.

According to Melzer, the store is run on its own profits, and the profits made at Hawkfest, which is also put on by DECA.

Students can come in the store to buy products or hang out and play video games during and after school until 3:00pm.

The store sells candy, soda, apparel, school supplies, and new this year, slushies.

Natalie Purko, vice president of the school store, says she is very excited about the new addition.

Purko says, “The slushies are selling so well. We have already had to refill it and it has only been four days.”

The store has been handing out samples of both sugar free flavors: strawberry lemonade and blue raspberry. The new product is priced at two dollars per 8oz cup.

The store is trying out a new layout. The counter has been moved to allow people “to see our products from the window” and to better “showcase the Hawkfest T-shirts,” said Purko.

Along with the new layout comes new prices as posted.

Jackson Ashby, a school store customer, says the increase in price prevents him from buying from the school store.

Ashby says, “I would go in there way more if the prices were lower.” On the occasion he does go in to purchase something, he says he usually buys candy or soda, though he says the he prefers vending machines for drinks.

Lucas Logalin, another Arrowhead student, agreed that the prices were “too expensive.”

Other school store employees such as Emma Reinhart, acknowledge that the prices have gone up, but responding that the cost of buying the products from vendors has gone up as well.

Purko says, “We were losing money before” and that the prices needed to go up in order for the store to break even.

According to Purko, the school store may be selling doughnuts or bagels  on special Fridays of each month.  “I’m really excited to make new changes to the store,” Purko says.


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School Store Now Sells Slushies… and More