New Teacher Katie Herrmann is Intrigued by Character of Her Students

Cece Phillips, Reporter

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Katie Herrmann started teaching at Arrowhead this year, taking over Organizational Communications and AP Literature, classes previously taught by English teacher Andrew Freeburg, who has taken a position at a technical college. Herrmann will be teaching in room N196.

She says Arrowhead is “rigorous,” and she “loves it” and thinks the students are “professional and kind.” She says she has positive opinions about Arrowhead, and feels that she is “fitting in” with the school so far.

Herrmann, who has been a teacher for 16 years, was previously employed at Cedarburg and Hartford High School before Arrowhead.

“I’ve really kind of run the gamut in terms of what I’ve taught….I’ve taught a lot of writing classes, Science Fiction, British Literature, Drama, just about everything,” she says.

Herrmann says she loves working at Arrowhead.

“I’ve had such a great first two weeks. I have really great students and people to work with.”

“This school has a great reputation,” Herrmann says.

While she says she was excited to work at Arrowhead this year, she did feel a bit nervous.

“I’ve heard so many things about it…so I was intrigued and wanted to be a part of it…I wondered if maybe it would be a bit more rigorous than other schools that I’m used to—and I’d say that maybe it is a little bit more rigorous. I guess the biggest thing I’ve noticed is the character of the students seems to be much more friendly and professional, and kind—that’s what I like about it.”

According to a 2018 study by US News, Cedarburg High School, one of Herrmann’s previous schools,  ranks #399 in the country, with a 97% graduation rate and a 62.1% college readiness rate. Arrowhead ranks #507 in the country with a 99% graduation rate and a 57.5% college readiness rate.

Hartford High, another of Herrmann’s previous schools, has a 90% graduation rate, with no available college readiness or national ranking statistics.

Herrmann says she felt she had big shoes to fill in the wake of Freeburg’s departure, but she felt she was up for the task of taking over his classes.

“I didn’t even get to meet Mr. Freeburg, I just heard about him, and I’ve seen a lot of the materials he developed, and based on that, it seems like he was a very unique individual who kinda has his niche. And I don’t know how I compare to that, but I feel like I’m fitting in, I feel like the students are accepting me, which is a good feeling,” she says.


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