Runners for Ian Raise Funds, Awareness for Student Battling Bone Cancer

Nora Voght, Reporter and Photographer

Harvest Fest, an event at North Lake School, has included a 5k run, The Harvest Hustle, for the past three years. According to Megan Said, the Harvest Fest Coordinator, each year proceeds from the run go to a family fighting a disease, a local food pantry, or a selected non-profit.

This year, the Arrowhead boys and girls cross country teams decided to team up with Said and support Ian Lang as Runners for Ian.

Lang, a former member of the Arrowhead boys cross country team, is sophomore at Arrowhead battling bone cancer.

The 5k run at North Lake School will take place on September 15th, at 9am. The goal of this event is to not only to provide financial assistance to the Lang family, but also to raise awareness.

To help support Lang, participants can register in the morning of September 15, at North Lake School at the south end in the gym from 7:30-8:45am; it is $25 per athlete to participate in the run, 13 and under is $13. Participants can pay with cash or check or register at

Jill Bradley, a cross country coach, said the goal is to raise $5,000 and to bring awareness and support to the Lang Family.

Said says, “I think that the runners for Ian that are joining us this year had a great impact on the Arrowhead community by getting the word out and engaging more people.”

Said says, “One of the successes of this 5k is the outpouring of support. Last year we had a huge turnout and it was just amazing to see so many people participate and show this family they were there, thinking of them, praying for them, supporting them. That is happening again this year and it truly is a special thing to witness.  People often feel helpless when they see a friend, a fellow student or family member battling a disease and they are looking for a way to offer help and support.  This is one of those ways.”

Said notes there is not only support coming from the cross country teams, but also from students at Arrowhead, parents in the community, staff at Arrowhead, and North Lake school. Said says friends of Ian are posting flyers around social media and around school to advocate for this event and to support Ian through his battle.

Lindsey Pink, a student at Arrowhead and a member on the girl cross country team, is going to be attending the run and says, “I will be participating. I think that other students should participate because the money is going to a good cause but more importantly this is a great way to show Ian that he has our support.” She also says, “I think that this event will impact the Arrowhead community by bringing us together. When we come together to support one of our classmates, we are becoming the One Team.”

Bradley says, “We then found out the proceeds of that run were going directly to the Ian Lang family, we jumped on board with participating in the 5k run.  It’s only natural we run for Ian and try to raise as much money as we can for him.”