Arrowhead’s New Club Connects Aspiring Writers

Max Gebhard, Reporter

In room 199, 10-15 people meet bi-weekly to write. They usually start with warm-ups to jumpstart their brains then they all work individually. Arrowhead juniors Rachel Kriehn and Sarah Lunow came up with the idea in September during Composition.

“At first, we were just joking around with the idea but then we realized there wasn’t a dedicated time and place for us to just sit down and write together without being graded,” said writing club co-founder Rachel Kriehn.

Eventually the club came to fruition in December when they contacted the activities director, Mr. Menkin and set up a meeting. Around 30 people came to the first meeting on December 20th. With Arrowhead teachers Elizabeth Jorgensen and Terri Carnell enlisted as advisors, the students help each other with abstract works either for fun or for competitions posted on their club Google Classroom page.

“Everybody that attends seems to have a lot fun,” said Kriehn.

This year was just the first one to see how it goes, but for 2018-2019 they have a budget which they may use for new activities like a creative writing two-day camp at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus or others. To join the club, just contact [email protected] or [email protected]