Spanish Students say, “iBienvenidos!” to Spanish Honor Society Applications

Spanish Honor Society students working on a project.

Spanish Honor Society students working on a project.

Spanish Honor Society students working on a project.

Ellie Artone, Reporter

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Arrowhead students were able to begin applying for Spanish Honor Society on Thursday, April 12th. Applications are due by Wednesday, April 25th to Spanish 3 and AP Spanish teacher Amy Coraggio, or to Spanish 3 and AP Spanish teacher Jeanne Psket.

“This honor society offers an advanced level of activities and companionship to those who enjoy the language and culture,” says Coraggio. “Beyond the enrichment for these dedicated students of language, membership will also be an asset to students when applying for university admission and scholarships.  Additionally, leadership positions are also available, elected by the membership, through which students can take an active role in the organization and its direction.”

According to the Arrowhead website, Spanish Honor Society is open to all students who have passed through the first semester of Spanish 3 and have a Spanish GPA of 3.5 or better, with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better. The student must also have participated in at least three Spanish Club activities with one of those activities being an immersion event. Among those activities include the Dia de los Muertos celebration, Zumba, and the Scavenger Hunt. Immersion activities include the yearly Chicago trip, Concordia immersion, and the Tertulias at Senor Tomas.

“I’m applying to Spanish Honor Society because Spanish is one of my favorite classes,” says AHS junior Lauren Chromy. “I love learning Spanish and I want to do more leadership stuff with Spanish activities. I want to maybe minor in Spanish in college and travel to Spanish speaking countries in the future.”

According to Coraggio, students must complete the application, which involves listing all Spanish Club events they’ve completed, must state their intention to take Spanish through their senior year, as well write a paragraph in Spanish describing why they would be valuable members of the organization. Every year, there is 60-80 students involved in Spanish Honor Society. This past year there were 75 students involved.

The Spanish Honor Society is in charge of the following activities: Back to school game night/dinner, Day of the Dead celebration, Global Service project, Tertulias, Culture Fair, the Zumba event, and a soccer game.

Students will hear back by mid-May if they have been accepted, and according to Coraggio, all students who meet the grade and activity requirements and complete the application satisfactorily will be accepted.

AHS junior and Spanish Honor Society member Izzy Rahmel says, “I like that I get to help plan and go to events that incorporate Spanish into my daily life. I think that it will help benefit my future as a leader and help to further my education in Spanish.”

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Spanish Students say, “iBienvenidos!” to Spanish Honor Society Applications