Kylie Jenner Confirms Pregnancy Rumors and Announces Birth of Baby Girl


Kylie Jenner’s most-liked Instagram photo of new-born daughter

Ellie Artone, Reporter

Kylie Jenner posted a picture onto her Instagram (@kyliejenner) and onto her Twitter (@KylieJenner) on February 4th, 2018, confirming she had given birth to a baby girl on February 1st.

“I was so excited when she finally admitted that she had been pregnant all along,” says AHS sophomore Meleana Strecher. “Everyone basically knew that she was pregnant, but I was interested in how Kylie was going to announce that she was. She’s probably one of the most talked about celebrities in the world today, and when she wasn’t posting all the time or being seen in public, it was obvious that something was up.”

Jenner posted a video onto her YouTube (@KylieJenner) titled “To Our Daughter” which highlights her pregnancy journey alongside baby daddy Travis Scott. In the eleven minute video, many of Kylie’s friends make appearances and shared their views on her pregnancy.

Jordyn Woods, well-known for being Jenner’s best friend, said in the video, “When you’re 20 years old, you’re figuring out your life. You don’t know what you want. you’re an indecisive teen becoming an adult, but there was one thing your mom knew for sure, and that was you.”

Jenner has 103 million followers on her Instagram, along with a total of 5,348 posts. Throughout the month of December, Jenner only posted nine times, compared to past months when she would post at least once a day; those pictures promotions for her cosmetic line or old pictures from previous photo shoots, such as her cover shot in The Love Magazine.

AHS junior Morgan Konopka says, “I was trying to keep up with all the rumors by reading the different stories on Snapchat. I saw the family shot of her and when I saw that she had covered her stomach with a blanket in every picture, it seemed to fuel everyone’s conspiracies about her being pregnant. I kind of wish she had come out and said she was pregnant right away, but I think the big reveal was even better.”

There was also conflict on social media about the possible names of Jenner’s baby girl.

Twitter user @Jordan_Matsuda said, “Kylie named her baby Posie, short for Mariposa. Kris Jenner announced a new Kylie lip kit Posie K on February 1st, the day Kylie gave birth to her daughter. Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly. Travis Scott released the song, “Butterfly Effect” on May 15, 2017, almost 9 months ago.”

Despite Matsuda’s beliefs, however, Jenner posted an image onto her Instagram announcing the name of her daughter, with a picture of her holding the baby’s fingers with the caption, “Stormi Webster.” Webster is the legal last name of Travis Scott. According to Meg Swertlow and Mckenna Aiello of E!News, that picture is currently the most-liked picture on Instagram with over fifteen million likes.