Arrowhead kids review top songs

Max Gebhard, Reporter

“Pray For Me” by Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd is in the number one spot on the Hotnewhiphop charts and is about reaching for spiritual support: “Take my pain for me, save my soul for me.”

“The melody and message is positive,” said Arrowhead senior Austin Wiesehuegel.

“Kendrick kills it,” said Arrowhead senior Kent Atwell.

In the number two spot is “Florida Boy” by Rick Ross featuring T-Pain and Kodak Black and is about their upbringing: “And my momma raised me, FLA paid me.”

“Honestly this is trash,” said Atwell.

“I like this collaboration,” said Wiesehuegel.

Coming in the number three spot is “Unnecessary” by Childish Gambino featuring ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul and is about spending large amounts of money: “Four thousand on my fit, skiing in japan.”

“Oldie, but still good nonetheless,” said Arrowhead senior Julia Wesley.

“Haven’t heard of any of them but this is good,” said Arrowhead senior Kylie Ballmann.

“Captain” by Wiz Khalifa is in the number four spot and is about being a leader: “Know where I’m going and show up when I want just like I’m a captain.”

“I could workout to this,” said Ballmann.

“Crazy energy,” said Wesley.

In the number five spot is “State of the Union” by Chris Brown and is about his political thoughts: “I just wanted to be free, or someone to need me.”

“Interesting position,” said Arrowhead senior Emily Burant

“Solid song,” said Arrowhead senior Mathew Tarnow.

Coming in the number six spot is “Shining Like The Northstar” by XXXTentacion and is about realizing your potential: “They know I can do it, I know I can do it.”

“Too much going on,” said Tarnow.

“Seems like this was put together in 5 minutes,” said Burant.

“After You” by Tay-K is in the number seven spot and is about waiting your turn: “You go first, I go after you.”

“I like how fast-paced it is,” said Arrowhead senior Lucas Slaski.

“Not my type of music,” said Arrowhead senior Lucas Cerny.

In the number eight spot is “T’d Up” by Rae Sremmurd and is about being ready for the moment: “I didn’t see no speed bump.”

“Once again, not what I would listen to in my freetime,” said Cerny.

“The energy is electric,” said Slaski.

Coming in the number nine spot is “Era” by PRhyme featuring Dave East and is about finding your place: “Old school or new, I don’t know.”

“The lyrics are impressive,” said Arrowhead senior Matthew Cochrane.

“Interesting track,” said Arrowhead senior Kendon Schutt.

“Run It” by Joyner Lucas featuring Meek Mill is in the number ten spot and is about running from poverty: “Thought I was the man til my chain broke, I was so broke can’t change clothes.”

“I like this collaboration,” said Schutt.

“Not bad, motivational actually,” said Cochrane.