Arrowhead Students Prepare for Intramural Basketball

Arrowhead West Gym.

Arrowhead West Gym.

Arrowhead West Gym.

Jonny Dassow, Reporter

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It is that time of year again: the snow is falling and winter sports have started. That also means Arrowhead’s intramural basketball season kicks off this week.

Some games took place on Tuesday and there are more games to come on Friday night.

This year, the freshman class has seven total teams with nine total games on their schedule. At the end of the season, the top team with the best record will play for the championship against the best sophmore team.

There are ten total sophomore teams and each team plays ten total games. The team with the best overall record, will play the best freshman team for the championship.

The girls division have four teams with a total of eight games. The top two teams will play each other for the girls championship

The junior/senior group has two divisions, with a total of 22 teams. Each division will have 11 teams and each team will play ten games. Each division champion will get a T-shirt and then the playoffs will start. The playoffs will have referees and will be seeded according to record. The winner of the playoffs will get the championship shirt as there prize.

According to Arrowhead high schools web page, Intramural has eight basic rules that they stand by:

“1. Only registered Intramural students may be in the gym playing basketball. If anyone plays a non-registered student, his or her team will lose that game by default and the team must leave the gym.

  1. Each team must supply one scorekeeper at all times to help with their game scoreboard.
  2. Each game is 40 minutes in length (20 min. half, 5 minute break & 20 min. 2 nd half). Teams should report to their courts on the hour and game play to begin no later than a quarter after the hour.
  3. Each team regular play is 5 v 5 unless other arrangements for less are oked by both teams.
  4. Each captain must report his or her score to the gym supervisor. Scores must agree by both captains’ reports.
  5. Any team not showing up for two games will be asked to leave the league.
  6. While playing in the North Campus gyms only, during the second half of play, teams may earn 2 points for every 3 point shot. Otherwise all other baskets throughout the game are 1 point each. South Campus does not have circles which is why this is not done there.
  7. NO HANGING ON THE RIM. You will be asked to leave if you do not heed this warning.”

Senior Brendan Pietila said, “It’s so much fun. It’s what I look forward to the most every school year, besides tennis of course. I love playing with my friends. It’s the best sport in the world. My team the Oakland Raiders are looking forward to getting a top 10 seed in the playoffs this year.”

Senior Ty Roznowski said, “I am on the Florida Gators and we are hoping to make a deep run in the playoffs this year and maybe even win the whole thing.”

Senior Ian Mundt said, “I am really looking forward to playing with my friends again this year. Our team name is the Cole Cougars, and we aren’t the best team out there, but we have fun.”

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Arrowhead Students Prepare for Intramural Basketball