Year-Round Education Continues to Grow

Year-Round Education Continues to Grow

Kaitlyn Beth, Reporter

According to NEA’s website, schools around the United States have been using the 10-month calendar, but this outdated system has improved by using the “year-round education.”  


In this new system of education, some states continue to have 180 school days, but they are now stretched out throughout the entire year. Even though students do not have a three-month summer break, their off days are spread out throughout the year.


The NEA website stated, “The most popular form of year-education is the 45-15 plan, where students attend school for 45 days and then get three weeks off (15 days).” With this new plan, students can continue to look forward to their 3-week off period every month.  


But some argue whether year-round education is the best for children.  


Ashley Tarkowski, a former gym teacher at North Lake School said, “I think year-round education is a great idea; however, I have two younger children that go to the same school I teach at. It will be hard for my husband and I to take care of them during the monthly breaks because we both have jobs. I have the same schedule as my two daughters, but I continue to work when they are off school.”


Most schools argue if year-round schools will upset the parents of children.  


Ashlyn Travers, a senior at Arrowhead High School said, “Year-round education has been the talk for a couple of years now, but I feel like it would be more helpful for us to have this system. When I come back from the 3-month summer break, I forget almost everything I learned from the previous school year. I feel like this new way of learning will be more beneficial for not forgetting things after a three-week period off.”  


Ashlyn Travers also said, “I think they should have this new plan at Arrowhead High School because older kids study more, so if we only have weekly breaks, we will remember more things.”
Most schools have changed to this new idea because children can remember and focus on what they have learned before they go on the three-week period off. Year-round schooling should be considered by more schools due to the educational benefits that students will receive.