Captain America: Civil War Becomes Box Office Hit

Kyle Hoeppner and Logan Winser

After critics were disappointed with the superhero movie that was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, many people were ready for the next comic movie to be released in theaters. Fans were not disappointed when Captain America: Civil War was released in theaters on May 6th.

Captain America: Civil War stars Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Downey Jr. also played the role of Iron Man. Captain America and Iron Man come at a disagreement when a law is being passed having regulations on the Avengers Initiative. This results in other Avengers having to take sides to fight for what they truly believe in.

The movie introduces two brand new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The first being T’Challa, also known as Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. After his father is killed in a bombing, T’Challa faces his demons as he hunts down his father’s killer through the movie.

Marvel also introduced the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. After years of Sony owning the movie rights to Spider-Man, Marvel finally got the chance to work with the character they introduce for the first time in the MCU. Spider-Man fights beside Iron Man as he tries to impress his new boss in his Avengers debut.

Critiques like Screen Junkies Dan Murrell thought this version of Spider-Man is the bets to be put to screen so far.

“I absolutely love the new Spider-Man,” says Murrell. “He has this dorkiness to him that has been lacking from the previous Spider-Mans that Sony has introduced. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man movies) was way too 21st century and cool for me to truly believe that he was the true Spider-Man from the comics. Tom Holland did an excellent job and I can’t wait to see him in his upcoming movie.”

Fans seemed to enjoy Civil War, as the opening weekend box office grossed the fifth most money of all time (

Civil War brought in around $766 million worldwide in the box office. This is significant compared to Dawn of Justice, as this movie brought in around $866 million worldwide for the whole duration of its showing, and (opening weekend for dawn of justice).

Already Civil War’s box office profits have evened with Dawn of Justice, even though Dawn of Justice was released two months ago. This makes it clear that there was a huge difference in opinion about these movies.

Arrowhead sophomore, Zach Kocher, says he was able to watch both films and agrees that there was a huge difference between these movies.

“When I went to go see Batman V Superman, it seemed like it was very rushed into everything. The justice league was brought into everything right away and it didn’t sit well with me I guess,” said Kocher. “As for the Captain America movie, many of the characters were already developed and it seemed to flow better.”

Another fellow student to enjoy Captain America: Civil War was junior, Andrew Hanson.

“I thought it was a great movie, full of action and tons of super heroes,” says Hanson. “I may even go see it again.”

As for the future of Marvel, many movies will be coming out that will also bring in many viewers. These movies include, Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.