Batman V Superman Disappoints Critics and Students

Batman V Superman Disappoints Critics and Students

Logan Winser and Kyle Hoepner

DC’s Batman V Superman came to theaters on March 25th. It’s the second movie Zack Snyder has directed and in the new DC universe. On Rotten Tomatoes, 99% of members were excited to see the movie, and in Screen Junkies Top ten anticipated movies of 2016, Batman V Superman was number one. Unfortunately, the movie won the box office, but failed critically.

According to, Batman V Superman grossed $166 million domestically in its opening weekend, ranking number one so far in 2016 passing, Marvel’s Deadpool. Its second week grossed $51 million domestically, which was still the number one most grossing movie that week. Although, the profit changed by 69%, which is the biggest change this year. That may be because the movie did not get great reviews from critics.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a 29%. Comparing to DC’s rival, Marvel, no   Marvel movie has gotten less than a 67% out of the 13 movies released. Fans and critics had major problems with the movie.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it has way too much going on. They had the introduction of Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday in this movie. All of these characters struggle to get enough screen time in this movie, and yet each does not have  enough time to have a real impact.

Superman is in the majority of this movie, but he isn’t doing anything until the end fight scene. All he does in the movie is get yelled at for being a god like figure and there must be justice for his actions. Such a compelling movie plot.

Also Superman’s girlfriend, Lois Lane, is running around the entire movie trying to identify a bullet shot in the desert where she was attacked. According to Imdb, that storyline got 27 minutes worth of screentime. 27 minutes too much.

Another problem with this movie is that Batman and Superman become friends. The only reason Superman is fighting Batman is because Lex Luthor is keeping his mother, Martha Kent, somewhere in Metropolis. So to save his mother, he must kill Batman. But during the fight, Superman mentions to Batman that he needs to help save Martha.  Batman stops and demands why he said that name. In fact, Batman mother’s name is also Martha. So he agrees to help save Superman’s mother.

One last problem with this movie is how it sets up the Justice League. The Justice League is like Marvel’s Avengers. It’s a group of DC’s Superheroes defending not only earth, but the universe. In the movie, they introduce this league when Batman sends Wonderwoman an email with 20 second videos of Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. Then at the end of the movie, Batman talks to Wonder Woman about forming a team, then she responds with ‘Okay’.

Arrowhead sophomore Hayden Henning doesn’t believe this was a good way to introduce the biggest superhero team of all time.

“They introduced three amazing super heroes through Vines,” says Henning. “It kind of sums up this entire movie. It had so many fantastic characters and plots, but they were all rushed into a two  hour and 30 minute movie.”

With all signs leading to a second movie following this one, hopefully the second movie doesn’t fall short in reviews as this one did. Currently there is no official announcement on when the next movie will come out, or even whether or not there will even be one.