Lack of Letterman Jackets at Arrowhead Outrages, Surprises


Maraba Roznik, Reporter

Most high school students wear letterman jackets as more of a fashion choice than a boast of their varsity title. However, unlike typical high school students, Arrowhead High School students do not wear letterman jackets. Why? Because the school doesn’t offer them.


So what’s so cool about these letterman jackets? Why do high schools use them? Why should Arrowhead offer them?


According to the Mount Olympus Awards, the first letterman jackets were knit sweater uniforms with the letter “H” on it, worn by Harvard University’s baseball team in 1876. One year later, their football team adopted the sweaters as their own uniforms. Only the real MVPs of the team were allowed to wear the letter during important games against Yale or Princeton. This started the tradition of awarding the letter for the jackets exclusively to the top, now called varsity, players.


These jackets quickly became popular, and were widely worn, especially in the 1950s. This decade’s letterman design of leather sleeves contrasting the fabric is still being used over five decades later. High schools use them to congratulate those students who go above and beyond in their athletic or academic career.


Letterman jackets are classic and retro, and their design and popularity is timeless. Students can where them regardless if they participate in any athletic or academic competitions. Is there any more of a reason needed as to why Arrowhead should have them?


It’s shocking and crazy that a school that is more than exemplary in their athletic department, and prides themselves on both their academic and athletic success, is one of the few high schools in the greater Milwaukee area that doesn’t have varsity letterman jackets.


Arrowhead should at least give students the option of purchasing the letterman jackets at Mid-City Sports if they aren’t going sell them through the school. It gives athletes an official place to keep their varsity letters and pins. Plus, it properly displays, and completely shows off letters.