Sock It to Me: Warhawk Interact Initiates Sock Drive


Maraba Roznik, Reporter

In preparation for the cold winter and holiday season, the Warhawk Interact club has initiated Arrowhead’s first sock drive to collect warm socks, It started on the 2nd of November, and will last until the 13th. The socks will be donated to homeless shelters in the Milwaukee area, and students and staff can help out by bringing in socks to their third hour class where there will be a basket to collect the donations.


According to the club’s advisor and AHS English teacher, Liz Munkwitz, “Socks are the least donated but most needed item in homeless shelters. We wanted to do our part to help shelters in need this holiday season, but other groups in the school are doing clothing drives, so we watched to specialize our initiative.”


The club hopes to raise enough pairs of socks to distribute to homeless shelters in the Milwaukee area. The chosen shelters the socks will be donated to will depend on their level of need for the article of clothing.


Munkwitz says, “Our goal is to collect 2,000 pairs of socks. We have had quite a few pairs and packs of socks donated at both campuses so far.”


President of the Warhawk Interact club, senior Kendall Knetzger says, “The secretary of the club, Maggie Nixdorf, and I will be collecting the socks at the end of the drive, and our club will be making personal messages for each pair of socks that are donated.”


Warhawk Interact is reaching beyond the borders of the Arrowhead campus buildings, and into the entire local community.


Munkwitz says, “Collection baskets have also been placed at some of the feeder school, and some of the Hartland Lake Country Rotary members donated as well.”


Knetzger says, “I hope Interact club continues the drive in upcoming years, but that will depend on how successful the drive is.”


Warhawk Interact has advertised and spread the word for the sock donation and the necessity of socks. Members of the club have made announcements during both the fifth and sixth hour lunches, and they’ve distributed posters in the campus and at feeder schools.


Sophomore member Julia Laasch says, “I think it is important for our community to give back as we think about the many things we are thankful for during this season. We have been getting some donations but need help from our student body.”


Freshman member Victoria Star says, “Socks are simple items, and easy for people to donate. The sock drive is very important, and I am hoping more people do what they can to help.”


The continuance of the sock drive in future years depends on its success. If each student donates one pair of socks, the club will reach their goal.


Star says, “I definitely hope Arrowhead High School continues doing the sock drive in the future. It’s so important to help out the homeless shelters, especially since the holidays are coming and the weather is getting colder.”
Laasch says, “I hope to continue this drive as it gives kids a chance to help someone in need. I think that once all donations are collected we can make a difference this thanksgiving by giving back some things we take for granted.”