Back to the Future Impacts Today

Back to the Future Impacts Today

On July 3rd, 1985, Back to the Future entered theaters nationwide. With an outstanding 96% rating on, stated in October, 2015. Because of this rating, the movie is shown to have intense popularity now just as it did back in the day. Makers of this film made a sequel in 1989, which is set in the future rather the first film’s trip to the past. Unlike the first film, the sequel only got a 63% rating.

While Back to the Future was about getting back to 1985, Back to the Future II is about trying to fix Marty Mcfly’s kids.

The movie, Back to the Future II (1989), was set over 25 years into the future (taking place in 2015). In the movie, Mcfly is sent to the future to pose as his son so his son does not go to prison. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when the future alters the present.

 Moviemakers made predictions about what the world would look like in 2015. Some of the things they thought of were off, but some were correct. Some companies have tried making products based on the movie’s ideas (like the hoverboard and self lacing shoe).

There were things the movie-makers got wrong when they predicted what 2015 would look like. Flying cars are big item in the film. However, flying cars are not available and will not be for quite some time.

Fax machines provided communication in the 80s and in Back to the Future II, fax was used just as much. In our 2015, cell phones and the internet are main sources of communication and although fax machines are used, they are not the normal mode of communication.

Another thing in Back to the Future II that isn’t in 2015 is the stationary bike. When McFly walks into the 80’s cafe, he sees customers eating while exercising on bikes. This trend hasn’t been seen in any restaurant in the past 30 years.

Back to the Future II also shows rejuvenation masks, which have not been invented in 2015. Also, Back to the Future II shows McFly’s dad taking a peel-off mask. The mask is supposed to make his skin younger and smoother. In 2015, we have products that make skin look younger, but nothing like what is shown in the movie.

However, many things from the movie that were created in the 1989 film, actually became reality in 2015.

Face to face talking is the newest way of communication in the modern era, like Skype and Facetime, and Director Robert Zemeckis predicted it in his movie. McFly calls work employes to talk about a work situation, using a Skype-like software on his TV. He can sees his colleagues faces on the TV, just like programs like Skype and FaceTime. He can also see their likes and dislikes, just like social media.

Another thing the movie got right was flat screen TVs. Back in ‘89, all TVs were a box. In the movie, McFly’s family has a large, skinny TV on the wall, while only being an inch in length. This is exactly what we have in today’s 2015 as well as smartphones and Google glass.

Some of things in the movie seemed like ridiculous ideas that could never happen, but companies are trying to make these inventions a reality. Nike is currently working on a self-lacing shoe, such as the ones McFly wore in the film, according to NBC News.

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who created the shoes in Back to the Future II, told NBC News, “the kicks will light up and feature self-tightening technology.”

Hatfield had also hinted that the shoes may not hit stores immediately.

Hoverboards were also used in the movie and they present another area of technological advancement for possible development. Multiple companies have tried to replicate the easy to use hoverboard that Marty used.

Little over a week ago on the 21st of October, the nation celebrated Back to the Future Day, which was the day McFly got to the future in Back to the Future II. In the movie, the Chicago Cubs win the world series and some people in today’s 2015 wanted to see that happen, including AHS students.

Unfortunately for Cubs fans, the Cubs lost the fourth game of the NLCS on Back to the Future Day, coming close to making it to the World Series.  

Arrowhead Sophomore, Jeremy Kirch, says he  believed in the Cubs.

“I can’t believe the Cubs got that far,” said Kirch. “It would have been pretty cool to see them win it all and prove Back to the Future II right.”

With the recent Back to the Future Day and recent inventions, Back to the Future will continue to be noticed and viewed in the actual future.