New Sheriff in Town


With Mr. Nejedlo stepping down, Arrowhead has completed their search in a new associate principal. With her positive attitude, love for students and her amazing sense of humor, there are not many bad things to say about the new boss. And her love for Snapple is pretty cool too.“I’ve been sending snapple facts to some teachers who drink snapple a lot”. Ms.Gordon uses snapple facts as a way to keep the mood light around the office, and demonstrate her sense of humor.


Several students were interviewed and asked what they thought about the new associate principal. Sam Boler said, “She looks like a very respectable women, she always dresses nice, and it gives her a good appearance, therefore I think she is very professional. I think she wants to do a lot of good things for this school. And I’m excited for the next year.  


If you were to walk around Arrowhead on a normal school day, you can see her talking to students and projecting a bright smile. It seems everywhere she goes, there is an aura of happiness and comfortability.


On the first day of school, Ms. Gordon had a whole video just on herself. It was a video of two Arrowhead High School students looking around North and South Campus for Ms. Gordon. During the video new logos and classes were introduced on the side. But it was a warm welcoming gift to her. Some students have yet to have the opportunity to Ms. Gordon. Such as William DeWeerdt and Robert Tessmer. They both had good things to say about her, and look forward to meeting her.


In conclusion, multiple students here at Arrowhead had good things to say about Ms. Gordon. Some have yet to meet here. And it may take awhile for here to get to know everyone. But her positive attitude, sense of humor and love for Snapple keeps it all smiles around the office.