Becca Engelking

Becca Engelking, Reporter

May 31, 2017
Arrowhead Recognizes Students’ Dedication with Cookout and Comedy (Story)
May 24, 2017
Dress Code Violations Cause Controversy Online (Story)
May 12, 2017
Arrowhead and Hartland Work to Honor Veterans (Story)
May 09, 2017
Three Arrowhead Students Win Milwaukee Public Museum’s Poetry Contest (Story)
Apr 28, 2017
Three Arrowhead Students Win National Sijo-Writing Competition (Story)
Apr 28, 2017
Arrowhead Drama Department Preps for Spring Production (Story)
Apr 07, 2017
Arrowhead Class of 2017 Senior Party Underway (Story)
Apr 01, 2017
Arrowhead Band to Visit Ireland Over Spring Break (Story)
Mar 24, 2017
Naps: Good or Bad? (Story)
Mar 19, 2017
New Trends in Modern Dating (Story)
Mar 12, 2017
Prom Season Arrives at Arrowhead (Story)
Feb 27, 2017
Arrowhead to Hold Pill Drop at Mullett Ice Center (Story)
Feb 03, 2017
National Institute on Drug Abuse Releases 2016 Trends of Teenage Drug Use (Story)
Jan 27, 2017
Adult Night Classes Offered at Arrowhead (Story)
Dec 19, 2016
Teens Reveal Interesting Spending Habits (Story)
Dec 09, 2016
Arrowhead Students Contemplate New Year’s Resolutions (Story)
Nov 18, 2016
Arrowhead Drama Department to put on Winter Production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town (Story)
Nov 11, 2016
To Reduce the Stress of School Students Should Take Time for Self Care (Story)
Nov 04, 2016
Technology Helps Students Cheat in High School (Story)
Oct 21, 2016
Arrowhead Students Reflect on North Campus Lunch Choices (Story)
Oct 17, 2016
Arrowhead Broadway Company Prepares for Opening Night of Addams Family Production (Story)
Oct 07, 2016
Arrowhead Facilities Referendum Vote to be Held November 8th (Story)
Sep 30, 2016
At the Start of a New School Year, Homework Stresses Students (Story)
Sep 23, 2016
Arrowhead JV Girls Tennis Team Ends Their Season With a Win at Conference (Story)
Sep 16, 2016
High School Students Prepare for Homecoming with a New Norm of Homecoming Proposals (Story)
Sep 09, 2016
Arrowhead Alumni, Kassidy Tarala, Gives Advice To Seniors Completing College Application Process (Story)
Becca Engelking