Celebrate National K9 Veterans Day

Every March 13th we celebrate National K9 Veterans Day. Our little furry friends are already awesome as it is but dogs who have been trained to serve our country are even more heroic, Plus, they look so cute and serious in their little uniforms.


 According to National Day Calendar K9 dogs have been around ever since 1942, when an organization called Dogs for Defense was founded to train dogs to be sentrues for supply depots.  Get ready to celebrate America’s patriotic puppers.


Some ways to observe National K9 Veterans Day are to adopt a retired K9 dog. K9 dogs are loved and appreciated, but unfortunately there are some that are left without homes after their service ends. If you’re ready for a new family member, adopt one of these dogs instead of buying one from a breeder. 


While we’d love to give every retired K9 dog some TLC this holiday, sometimes you can’t locate one for the purpose of giving. If that’s the case, show your own furry friend how much you love him/her.


Dogs already bring us such joy being lovable and loyal. However they bring us even more joy when they’re working toward justice. From the first sentry dogs in Dogs of Defense to dogs that are trained to sniff out contraband or follow criminals, K9 dogs can do it all.