Teachers Prepare for the End of the School Year

The end of the year is approaching on June 9th, 2023. Teachers are putting together their end-of-the-year plans. Final exams are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the week of June 5th. 


As teachers cover a range of subjects, each teacher is at a different point in their lesson plan. Some teachers have gotten through all their material, while others are still working towards that goal. 

Staff members at Arrowhead have different day to day experiences that impact their entire school year, and some teachers and office staff members share their thoughts on the end of the year. 


Maralynn Markano, an English teacher, said, “Yes, I feel prepared and I feel as if I accomplished what I planned.” 


Many teachers have made comments in classes about how they change their instructions and plans to fit the school’s and students’ needs for that specific year. 


Andrew Johnson, an English teacher, said, “Reflection is part of being a teacher, so there will always be changes and tweaks to teaching practices.”


Markano said, “Honestly, I do things that are new every year. I rarely do anything exactly the same from year to year. I am constantly monitoring my current group of students to tweak lessons or to create completely new lessons that are more suited to them.”


Tamara Lindmair, a social studies teacher, mentioned that her lesson plans vary based on the feedback she receives on certain topics from the students. 


Lindmair asked her students to fill out an “AP- Gov. End of the Year Feedback Form” with questions that asked students what topics, projects, and assignments they recommended she continue because they helped to demonstrate the ideas of government learned in class, and which ones they recommend that she alters for the next year.


Markano mentioned that there was one thing she will definitely be doing for the next year. 


Markano said, “I do wish I had spent a little more time conferencing with my English students during their research paper preparation. One year I was able to conference with every single student on their rough draft, and all students revised their papers for a second reading. That is something I definitely want to try to fit in again next year, as it was very helpful for the students to get verbal feedback and the chance to improve their papers and feel good about them.”

Johnson said, “I am going to continue to look at ways to limit digital distractions during work time.”