Nerf Wars: Week Two

After a week of intense Nerf battles, 24 teams were eliminated from the competition. This is a series of articles on Nerf wars click here for last week’s. 


Week two has started with a vengeance as the remaining teams are out for revenge, say many Arrowhead seniors. Many students have also said that the competition has brought students together as they bond over the thrill of the game. 


Teams that have been eliminated have been trying to help other teams who are against the team who had gotten them out. 


Senior Jacie O’shea said that she had witnessed senior Sam Nubert getting eliminated unexpectedly. He had been in her car and right when he stepped out, he got hit by a Nerf bullet.


Senior Brooke Hafferman also unexpectedly witnessed senior Marcus Pier getting hit outside of her work in the back employee parking lot. Hafferman said, “Marcus ran so fast to his car but two guys popped up naked from behind some other cars to shoot him.” Pier ended up getting hit. 


Students are starting to get more used to Nerf Wars and getting more prepared for people to come to their houses. But, some students have noticed that the times that they will be more likely to get hit is when they are at their jobs. 


Last week, senior Chas Bilek was hit right outside of his work, Kwik Trip, when he was leaving work at around 9 pm. He said he was not prepared and could not get prepared in time. 


Senior Lily Wood who works at BeFitness also got hit outside work and she said it can be difficult when students are at work not to get hit because they can’t get naked in front of the workplace. Being naked means that he/she is immune to the bullets and can’t get hit. She said she had to stay later than she was scheduled and her boss eventually told her she needed to leave and that is when she got hit. 


Along with Wood, Hafferman who works at the WAC also had to stay past her working hours to avoid being hit because of suspected cars being her targets in the back employee parking lot. She wanted to not get hit so she took her co-worker with her for precaution. 


Some students posted on Snapchat stories to “scare” people they are going against. Or by going outside students’ houses while they are inside. 


Senior Joshua Ledzian said that the team he was going against tried to scare him from going outside his bedroom window telling him to come outside. 


Twenty four teams are left at this point and week twos nerf wars conclude on Saturday May 13, 2023.