Nerf Wars Week One

The start of Nerf wars for seniors is eagerly anticipated. Since May is here the excitement has grown and students are preparing for intense battles. The rules are as follows: teams of students arm themselves with foam weapons and engage in friendly competition out of school grounds. 


According to the Arrowhead adviser that principal Adam Kurth sends out monthly to update parents and students, he mentions Nerf wars as well as a message from our school resource officer, officer Mattew VanderBoom.


VanderBoom said, “Nerf Wars has returned and many AHS students are participating. ‘Nerf Wars’, involves the use of toy weapons, in which players have shootouts with other players. This activity often occurs outside in a public setting. Unfortunately, many of those participating tend to push boundaries that can result in a law enforcement response. Law enforcement response is likely to occur after a citizen complaint regarding the following, often criminal, violations: trespassing, disorderly conduct, battery, public nudity, noise complaints, car accidents, etc. ‘Nerf Wars’ can be a fun, harmless activity for high school students. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your local law enforcement agency.”


According to the rules of Nerf wars posted on the ahsnerfwars2023 Instagram page, in order to play, there needs to be five people per team and the people on the team can pick their team name. The assignment for which team is playing against which is assigned every Sunday night on  the instagram page. The first assignment was made Sunday, April 30th, and the first day is Monday, May 1.


Each team tries to eliminate as many of the opposing team’s people as possible by Saturday at 

11:59pm.You eliminate another player by shooting them with the Nerf gun and abiding by the below rules. If a tie were to happen a shootout will occur on Sunday afternoon.


The rules that need to be followed while playing consist of:

  • Fully nude means a player is immune to being shot.
  • Pictures must be sent to the ahsNerfwars2023 Instagram page after someone is shot.
  • Only semi-automatic Nerf guns and average Nerf bullets are allowed.
  • No Nerf disks
  • Arrowhead campus is off limits (in school, sporting events, parking lots, events).
  • Cannot go into someone’s house or garage (even if open) unless permitted. 
  • Cannot go into someone’s work. 
  • Churches are off limits. 
  • No shooting in any public or private establishment, only in parking lots. 
  • People cannot be shot while clocked into work. (Only can clock in once entered the building, parking lot is fair game). 
  • Cannot film or photograph other teams naked. Ahsnerfwars2023 said, “That’s creepy and illegal.” 
  • No blackmailing
  • If the team is caught cheating them out. 
  • Nerf wars is put on hold the entire day of prom and senior skip day. 


The payment for Nerf wars was $25 for each team ($5 per person). The payment had to be made through Venmo to Sam Neubert by April 30th or you were unable to participate. 


Multiple Arrowhead seniors have said it’s both thrilling and exhilarating as students strategize and plan their attacks. The Nerf wars provide a way for students to blow off steam before the end of the school year.  


Nerf wars have only become more competitive and intense. People have organized elaborate battles. From day one (Monday, May 1st) teams started off fierce despite the bad weather. 

48 teams start off all facing off one team and it will eventually week by week get down to the final two teams. Last year the winning team received $1,175. This year it is looking like the same amount. 


Senior Jacie O’shea said that when she woke up Monday morning she had seen many cars on her street waiting to get her brother and her. 


Senior Ella Hartke-Loughlin said that this week has been stressful for her. 


One of her teammates had already gotten hit so that teammate is out. She also said that one of the days she couldn’t get into her driveway because people were parked outside to get her.  “We had to dress my sister up as me so they would target her and I could make it inside my house.”