The Week of May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week


Students are encouraged to show appreciation to their teachers during the week of May 8th. Students can show their gratitude by giving words of thanks, gifts and other favors of appreciation.


Debra Paradowski, the assistant principal of South campus, sent an email to students of all grades that said, “If you have a moment, thank a teacher, coach, or staff member who has positively impacted your life. Write a heartfelt note, email, or post on social media expressing your gratitude.”


The Chick-fil-A in Delafield offered a complimentary sandwich, eight count nugget or three count chicken strips between 10:30am and 9:00 pm to teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers needed to bring their school ID in order to receive this benefit.


Arrowhead showed their appreciation through treats in the offices. On May 8th Student Senate provided Crumbl Cookies; Tuesday, the PTO provided snacks and baked goods; Wednesday, the NHS provided pizza by Picnic Basket; Thursday, SLAM / Activities Office provided bagels/donuts; and Friday, PTO provided a special gift in staff mailboxes along with appetizers and pizza from BEER SNOBS provided by administration.


These treats and other items are not just offered to teachers, they are also offered to other staff members such as Librarians and Lunch and Office coordinators.

North Campus office receptionist, Jillian Melton, said, “There are no specific things being done for ‘school aids’ because all ‘gifts’ that are being provided are for all staff members to enjoy as a way to show the school’s appreciation for everyone working at the school.”


South Campus’s Library staff organized a way for students to write thank-you messages on little papers addressing their teachers to show appreciation. The librarians walked around passing out the papers to those who volunteered to write, and extra papers were available at the front desk of the south campus library. On one side, the student wrote the name of the teacher, along with which campus they are located at, and the student’s name. The other side of the paper is a blank writing box. The messages are put into a pile to ensure each paper is delivered to the teachers. 


Kristine Hill, an Arrowhead librarian, said, “We just want the teachers’ inboxes to be filled with messages, so we really encourage the students to write a message, even if it’s something small and simple, we really want the teachers to feel appreciated.”


Teacher appreciation week, according to There’s a Day for That, is always the first full week of May, and Teacher Appreciation day for 2024 is Tuesday May 7.