Arrowhead’s 117 Acres

According to the Arrowhead website, Arrowhead’s campus consists of 117 acres of land.


As we itch for spring to come, there are trails and areas to get out and enjoy fresh air right on the Arrowhead property. 


According to (the Mental Health Foundations website focused on advocating and raising money for mental health), nature is very important and key to keeping us emotionally and physically healthy. Whether it’s taking a walk in the park or going to the lake it is shown it helps all around health.  


Junior Noelle Urban said she has walked the trails behind the school. 


“For aerobic fitness class, we went snowshoeing on them and it was quite a breath of fresh air,” she said.


Arrowhead’s gym classes, adventure gym along with aerobic fitness use the trails for some of the activities that they do in that class. 


There are trails behind the soccer fields and along the fence lines by the softball and baseball fields. The other trails are the ones they use for cross country races. People can always stick with the track; however, the trails offer more of a nature escape. 


According to Liz Asnow the track is always open till dusk as you are not interfering with sports teams that are practicing. 


Senior Emma Rathje said she has personally never been on the Arrowhead trails but knows the distance track runners and cross-country runners use them a lot.