What juniors/seniors did during the testing week at SC

Freshman and Sophomore students at south campus had testing for the Pre-Act April 17-20th, 2023. The day tested was dependent on last name:


  • Monday, April 17th was Freshman last names A-K 7:20-10:30 am
  • Tuesday, April 18th was Freshman last names L-Z 7:20-10:30 am
  • Wednesday, April 19th was Sophomore last names A-K 7:20-10:30 am
  • Thursday, April 20th was Sophomore last names L-Z 7:20-10:30 am
  • Friday, April 21st was regularly scheduled classes. 


All other students had a delayed start with South Campus classes starting at 10:40 and North Campus starting at 10:50. 


Each of the testing days started with 5th period then followed by 6th period. Monday and Wednesday followed 6th period with classes one through four. Tuesday and Thursday followed with classes seven through ten. 


According to the email Sue Casetta sent, “Students with 5th hour lunches who are not testing or arriving late do not need to report to lunch. Report to your 6th hour class or first class scheduled for the day – THIS INCLUDES STUDY HALL!” 


Also included in the email was students were not allowed to leave during study hall; students were also not allowed to come in late or leave early if they had FSO. 


This was a state decision that is a set date and time each year to allow freshmen to proceed with the testing without disruption.


Senior Jacie O’Shea said she slept in till 10:50 each morning and it was such a refreshing change. 


Senior Liam Neary said that one of the days he went to George Webb with some of his friends to get breakfast before his late start at 11:20.