What Students Are Planning on Doing For Spring Break

Arrowhead high school has spring break coming up from March 27 through March 31, 2023. Including weekends students will have a total of nine days off in a row for spring break.  


Many students will be traveling during spring break this year. According to the U.S. News Travel, “Cancun is the number one place to travel during spring break. Cancun has all the makings of a quintessential spring break destination.”


Spring break is known to be beneficial for students. Dr. Messina said in an article, “Spring break has shown to be highly beneficial to student’s mental health because this week of vacation allows for a much-needed mental decompression from demanding school-related responsibilities.” Dr. Messina reports spring break is beneficial for mental decompression, better physical health, and a good time for students to get caught up. 


Braden Schilling, an Arrowhead junior, says “During spring break I am staying home and hanging out with my friends and also probably working a lot.” 


Some students will be spending time with their family because it is their siblings’ last spring break in high school. 


Evalise Brimm, an Arrowhead sophomore, says, “I’m planning to hang out with my older brother (because he leaves this summer) and friends.” 


Brimm says, “I hope it’s warm so I can tan because I’m so pale. Otherwise I’ll just take my dogs on walks and see friends…I’m supposed to go to Chicago for a couple of days so I’d be driving, not flying.” 


Many students believe spring break should be longer allowing students to have more than one school week off of school. 


Brimm says, “I think spring break should be longer but not by much because I don’t wanna go to school.” 


Others believe spring break is the perfect amount of time off. 


Schilling says, “I think that spring break should be as it is because the school year still gets done at a good time of the year, not too long into june. It also shouldn’t be shorter because students do need a week off at times and it gives enough time for families to go on vacation as well.”