Make Someone’s Day By Greeting Them Electronically

November 29th, known as electronic greeting day, encourages Arrowhead students to send an electronic greeting. At the same time, the day reminds students of how much things have changed through the lack of knowledge abought electronics.  While greeting cards continue to be used, electronic greetings are far more cost effective.


Students say they enjoy it when someone remembers birthdays, anniversaries and other important life events. 

According to Brief History of Text Messaging, our communication methods expanded on December 3rd 1992. The best messaging systems according to Simplify Your Messaging are WhatsAPP and All In One Messenger.


The advent of the electronic greeting social media and other messaging systems expanded communication methods.  Students can send a birthday card through a message system and include a favorite memory.


Donovan Shallue, a Arrowhead Freshman, says, “I normally talk to friends over FaceTime.”

If a friend is sick students show they care by simply clicking a button and very far away we can send them a video message. With smartphones or computers, video chats keep the comunity connected too. The miracles of technology continue to expand and bring us close all the time. 

According to Brief History of Text Messaging

Sending an electronic greeting is a preferred method of communication electronically. Make it short or long. Maybe it will be on social media or perhaps it will be a card through email. 


Nolan Klingele, a Arrowhead high school Freshman, says, “I sometimes facetime with my friends while we play video games and or if we are planning on when to hang out or if we are doing homework. I also post on my snapchat story if it is a friend’s birthday.”