December 2nd Recognized As Special Education Day


As December 2nd rolls around, students and staff are reminded that it is National Special Education day. Here at Arrowhead there are many qualified special education teachers and aid staff. Three of these Special Education teachers are Lauren Harmon, Kelly Hassler, and Jessica Thompson all shared inside details about their career and their day-to-day life at Arrowhead. 


Thompson said she decided to work in the field of Special Education because of a family circumstance.


“I have identical twin older brothers who were born with Cerebral Palsy. I have been involved in their care and lifestyle since I was able to help. Having the background and experiences that I did the decision to continue in this career path was incredibly easy. I really enjoy helping others and contributing to students achieving their academic goals,” said Thompson. 


Harmon is a former graduate from Arrowhead. She said that her previous experience at this school impacted why she decided to work at Arrowhead. 


Harmon says, “I graduated from Arrowhead in 2015. For my last two years of Student Teaching, I was a Student Teacher here at Arrowhead under the supervision of [now retired AHS teacher] Heidi Hamilton. After student teaching, Adam Boldt [Director of Student Services] called me and offered me a job. I of course took it with no questions asked. My co-workers that I work with are amazing, and I am so blessed to be working with them.”


Hassler enjoys many parts of her job and her day is filled with lots of different tasks, including some struggles. 


“My biggest struggle is being able to help everyone. If someone needs my help, I give it. I give up my prep and lunch periods to make sure students are supported,” said Hassler.


Each teacher has a specific area of expertise.


“I am a co-teacher in Environmental Biology and Science Tech and Society. I truly love being in Environmental Biology,” says Harmon.


Hassler said, “My focus here at AHS is special education/math.  I teach a class called Technical Math. I teach basic math skills that also can be used in real life applications such as discounts, taxes, and finding the better buy. So many times I hear students say ‘when will I ever use this?’ My goal is to help students apply what they learn to make it relevant.”


Thompson said, “I am not a support figure in many classes here at Arrowhead, as I have only been brought on to the staff just this year. However, in one of my previous districts, I really enjoyed helping out in an Economics course.”