Introducing Michael Hall

Michael Hall has been teaching at Arrowhead for the last 24 years. Before that, Hall attended UW-Stevens Point. At Arrowhead, he teaches a range of classes, all under the subject of science. The courses he currently offers are environmental bio, zoology, anatomy and physiology. These classes are offered to only juniors and seniors at North Campus.


Previously, Hall taught sections of biology at South Campus. However, during the 2022-2023 school year, he no longer teaches that. 


Senior Suzanna Armeli said, “He was my teacher for biology as a sophomore, back in the Covid era, and he would always remind us to believe in science. I enjoyed him. Mr. Hall always kept me feeling alive.”


Outside of school, when Hall isn’t teaching, he says he’s an outdoors man. He also says he enjoys hanging out with his two children, who don’t attend Arrowhead. His daughter Hayden is 13, and his son Henry is 11 years old. 


“Mr. Hall cracks a lot of jokes and is really funny,” senior Emma Rathje says.


Hall has a hobby he loves and talks about a lot in class. Hall says, “Birding is an enjoyable way to experience the outdoors.” 


Hall has never had a co-teacher in his class, and he has his own classroom up at North Campus (room N128) full of specimens the school purchased to further student learning.


Hall says he doesn’t have a favorite class to teach. “I like them all the same.” 


Senior Anthony Mewborn said, “Mr. Hall is a very memorable teacher. Every Friday before the weekend he says to students, ‘If you choose the booze you lose.’” 


Hall taught Arrowhead math teacher Chris Martin and Martin had a lot to say about Hall. 


Martin had Hall for science 9 his freshman year, and zoology as a senior. 


Martin said, “Mr. Hall is a very exuberant guy and can make class interesting by just being as excited as can be. There are things that he emphasizes that you’ll always remember, like he would say for heaven sakes stay off the drugs!”


Martin says, “Mr. Hall does an excellent job making sure students are on task, staying awake, and paying attention.” 


Hall is known as an outgoing teacher. 


Senior Emma Domacinovich says, “Mr. Hall knows how to wake me up in the morning, he’s very energetic and loud,” she says. 


Hall wants people to know that he wants to see his students be successful.