Arrowhead High School’s View of Pickles


National pickle day falls on Monday, November 14 this year. There are so many varieties of pickles: dill, sour, bread and butter, Polish and German, lime, and Kool-Aid pickles. 


Pickles are cucumbers with a sour vinegar taste to them. Pickles can be an acquired taste which seems to show that people either really love them or hate them. 


Sophomore Aidan Costa said, “I don’t like pickles. The one time I ate it I threw it up after.”


Students at Arrowhead High School have different backgrounds that create a wide variety of tastes. 


Junior Mia Hansen says, “I am fond of pickles, but I do not think there should be a national holiday for the food.” 


LaSage, a substitute teacher at Arrowhead, says, “Pickles are the worst. When you see a pickle, throw it away.”


Pickles are made all around the world. They are grown in more than 30 states. Some of the top states are California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin. One of the top most purchased brands of pickles in Wisconsin is Grillos Pickles Dill Spheres, says Megan DuBois, writer of Eat This, Not That


At Arrowhead, students are able to take cups of pickles from the cafeteria during lunch if they want to. Some of the lunches are given with the option to add pickles. 


Since there is such a wide variety of pickles, that means that there might be kinds that people will not enjoy eating. 


“I would get rid of sweet pickles, there is no reason to have them,” Hansen says. 


Students at Arrowhead have different views on what they think of pickles. 


Sophomore Evalisse Brimm says, “I was a pickle for halloween, so I like pickles…I was actually a hippie pickle.”