Warhawk Interact Creates Mural


Warhawk Interact, an Arrowhead Club with over 250 members, is a high school volunteer group that aims to help others. They carry out their mission in various ways: cleaning parks, running school supplies drives, donating to food pantries, and more. 


Participants of Warhawk Interact learn leadership skills through planning projects, running meetings and holding elected leadership positions. 


Warhawk Interact has been working on painting a mural near the North Campus front office. The club has already done similar projects like painting the posts in the North Campus commons. 


Expectations for joining are attending service projects they commit to, completing a membership application, participating in at least eight hours of activities throughout the year (ten hours each semester).


According to Kevin Lewandowski, an Arrowhead school psychologist and advisor of Warkhawk Interact, “For this mural, the inspiration was to give a reminder about how we treat one another and add a local component to it; both of those statements will make more sense once the mural is done.”


Maddy Esser, an Arrowhead senior and club president, coordinated much of the efforts for the mural. Along with finding the inspiration for the mural, she purchased the supplies and communicated the ideas with the volunteers. 


Lewandowski said, “I believe she found it, got the supplies, and has been working on it with other Arrowhead volunteers during every phase.  She would be the one who deserves all of the credit for this.”


Warhawk Interact’s next meeting will be December 6th at 6:50 and 2:45 in the North Campus junior study hall. Information about future meetings and volunteer opportunities can be found on their website, linked here.


Lewandowski said the mural design will be kept secret until it is completed. “The mural should be completed in the next couple of weeks and then we will hopefully have our eyes on another project!”