Arrowhead’s Homecoming Dance DJ Brings Baby onto Stage

While students were “shaking it off” to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, the homecoming dance DJ had a baby on the stage.  On October 15, Arrowhead hosted their annual homecoming dance.


The baby was in the gym “from 8:15 to 9:00” and was “behind the stage with the mom” according to senior Junny Hernandez.


“There were a lot of complaints after the dance about the DJ,” says Shana Morgan, a student senate advisor and teacher at the school.


The dance is organized by the Arrowhead Student Senate. 


Morgan says the DJ company they use is “Midwest Sound” and that the DJ they normally use was “unavailable”.  The company “found” them “a different DJ that they assured would be just as good,” says Morgan.  


Students had a variety of thoughts on the DJ.


Senior Anne Kredell says that when the DJ “played Sicko Mode” it was “pretty great” and that the baby “killed it” during their time onstage.


Hernandez says that the DJ was “really rude”, “wasn’t respecting the students” and that the DJ bringing the baby onstage was “really weird because it’s still developing.”


However, any complaints have been heard.  Morgan says she “contacted the DJ company” to let them know “what the issues are” and assures that “they’re taking it very seriously”.  She says the DJ will not be coming back to future Arrowhead dances.”


“The dance was great because I was there,” says Kredell.