Nick Pflieger Hosts “Eat Lunch and Play Games”

Nick Pflieger is a school psychologist at Arrowhead High School at South Campus.  He has been at Arrowhead for 11 years.  


He wanted to become a school Psychologist because, he says, “I really enjoy working with kids. When I was in college, I worked with students with disabilities in their homes and a big part of what we did was collecting data and analyzing it based on new skills that the children were learning. This is often an important part of being a school psychologist, as we often assess and evaluate student learning. Additionally, I really enjoy working with students to help problem-solve mental health challenges that they are experiencing in order to build the tools they need to cope.”  


He says his favorite part of the job is, “that no two days are ever the same.” 


Pflieger says he enjoys having the opportunity to work with a variety of students, teachers and parents.  He finds it “interesting,” and “engaging.”  


Sroka, a psychologist that also works with Pflieger says,  “Mr.  Pflieger helps me out with students. If I know a student might require more help in the classroom or at school in general, I know I can call Mr. Pflieger to help him come up with a solution for that student.” 


Sroka says her favorite traits about Pflieger are that he is an awesome school Psychologist. He is exceptionally kind, caring, and thoughtful to each and every student.


Pfliger also hosts game lunch every Wednesday in room 326 at South Campus. 


“Pfliger says,” “Everyone who wants to come to game lunch is welcome. Everyone who comes wins a prize every time.”