The Last Year Participating in Halloween for Many Seniors

Halloween is the last year that some seniors plan on trick or treating. Some seniors say they feel like they need to start taking more responsibility and grow up and do fewer childish things. Some, on the other hand, say they enjoy the friendships and memories they get to celebrate during Halloween.


Student Camrin Cass says, “I never plan to stop trick or treating as it makes me happy and has been something I’ve done all my life.”


Where and when is trick or treating? If you live in Hartland it’s on October 31 from 8-10 pm. If you live in Nashotah it is also on the 4th of October at 5 pm. If you live in Merton it is on the 29 from 5-8 pm. 


Many students plan to dress up and celebrate Halloween and have some fun with the younger generation. Some of the highlights were a samurai from Student Logan Godwin, Raven from Teen Titans go from Student Brishanna Maylsa, and Patrick Bateman from American psycho from student Aidan Berry. 


Malysa says,” it’s one of the only times you can dress up and go all out without being judged for what you are doing.”


Student Eli Caves says, “I am a serial procrastinator and this is what I do about halloween.” 


Student Max Knuth says, “I don’t know if anyone else is doing anything and I don’t want to do anything by myself.”