Juniors Win Arrowhead’s Outdoor Pep Rally


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Arrowhead had its outdoor pep rally on Friday, October 1st, on the football field. The pep rally was run by our Student Senate.  


The Student Senate is in charge of organizing events like homecoming activities, food drives, and spirit weeks. Social Studies teacher Tamara Lindmair is the staff member in charge of the Student Senate. The president of the Student Senate is senior Kyle Staus and the vice president is senior Cassidy Roche. 


Staus says that of everything that went into the planning of the pep rally, “probably the most strenuous things were getting the script, supplies, and participation up and ready to go.”


Roche said what went into the planning of the pep rally was done through, “hours of collaboration, meetings, and editing of the final script, the pep rally committee led by Langdon Gryglas, Grace Fitzgerald, and Shega Case did an excellent job putting on this massive event.”


The pep rally this year consisted of many different activities that each grade competed in to win their class points. These activities included bubble soccer, limbo, tug of war, unfreeze the t-shirt, sprint across the field, which class could cheer the loudest, and more. Whichever class won the most points would receive an inflatable trophy. 


Freshman Meryl Mesenbrink says, “I liked the bubble soccer game. I didn’t like the race between the freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.” The pep rally lasted about an hour and ended around the time school would end which is 2:36pm. 


Freshman Quinn Sondrol and sophomore Noelle Urban say their least favorite thing was the heat. During the time of the pep rally the weather was in the low 80’s and it was 60% humidity.  


In between some of the activities the cheerleaders, and Hawkettes would put on a performance for all grades as well as an activity from the teachers. 


The activity that the teachers were involved in was getting pied in the face. The teachers included Rayen Elmergreen, Sherry Moseler, Michelle Verkler, and more. They got voted on to get pied by whomever got the loudest cheer. Elmergreen won the loudest cheer and got pied in the face. 


Sophomore Sam Schaefer and Urban both said they thought that they could have seen more participation and competition between the teachers. 


Senior Tierney Ordway said, “it was awesome to get together as a school because we haven’t gotten a chance to in so long.”


At the end of the pep rally, the class that ended up getting the most points was the Juniors. 


Junior Candie Lin said that, “My favorite thing about the pep rally was how all of the grades were present instead of just upperclassmen/lower classmen.”


Junior Ciara Ruppenthal thinks, “We should go back to two  pep rallys in the gym. The effect of cheering is so much louder and overall gets you more hype.”