Arrowhead Student Wins Local Contest

Seth Ray and Jacoby Cefalu

Recently, Arrowhead Junior Priyanka Bella won the Milwaukee contest “Reserve Pitch” and took home a pretty sweet prize. Reverse Pitch MKE for high schoolers is a competition which asks teams of high schoolers to pitch a solution solving some hypothetical problems. 

The problem in which Bella and her team decided to answer was: “healthcare is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, but there is still a population who do not have adequate software and hardware to benefit from the growing Telehealth market.” 

Bella says, “Our team chose to create a solution for this problem because we are all interested in the sciences and healthcare”. 

Bella’s teammates were a freshman and sophomore from Brookfield Academy, Riya Vijaypal and Mona Kholsa.

Bella said, “My favorite part of the project was creating mockups for our app as well as getting the opportunity to work with my friends.”

Bella and her teammates collected a $2,500 cash prize along with a paid summer internship at Northwestern Mutual.  

As for the cash prize, Bella and her team has yet to determine what to do with it and has not yet said whether she will compete again.