Arrowhead Students Start Second Semester

Maria Francis, Reporter

January 21st marked the beginning of second semester.

When the new semester started, students had the first six days to change their schedules, according to the handbook.

Classes dropped after the six day deadline result in an F in the gradebook. Students dropping a class must have written parental permission, according to the handbook.

At the end of each semester, teachers often ask students to complete surveys. In these surveys, students reflect how the semester went, what the teacher(s) could do or not do to improve the class, any criticism or suggestions about the course and teachers themselves, and anything else they want the teacher to know.

Arrowhead senior Kent Attwell said he would like it if the surveys results go to Gregg Wieczorek (Arrowhead principal), Becky Gordon (North Campus Associate Principal) and Debra Paradowski (South Campus Associate Principal), instead of the teachers.

“A teacher’s survey is created by the teacher, thus, giving them access to the responses.  Depending on how it was set up will either collect your email address once submitted and/or not keeping the responses anonymous,” said Paradowski in an email on June 8th, 2016.

Attwell said he likes switching teachers for second semester. He also adds he does not tend to perform differently when he has a different teacher.

Attwell said students shouldn’t be allowed to switch teachers based on conflicting personalities or different learning styles from one semester to the next.

The handbook states, “Changing Teachers: Due to the scheduling and staffing requirements involved in developing student schedules, requests to change teachers will not be honored unless extenuating circumstances are present. Administrative approval is required.”

Arrowhead senior Madelyn Dunham says she likes switching teachers for second semester. She says she enjoys diversity and tends to perform differently when she has a different teacher, perhaps because of the teaching methods or other factors.

“It’s all fair,” said Dunham.

The handbook says, “It should be noted that yearlong courses are treated as semesters, especially at North Campus, thus classroom teachers generally change at the semester.”

Attwell says he wishes teachers rounded up grades. He also wished he could be exempt from finals if he has an A in the class.

The grading period is nine weeks long. The scale is an A (90-100); B (80-89.99); C (70-79.99); D (60-69.99); and F (0-59.99). There is no rounding, according to the grade changes document published by Arrowhead as of 2011.

Dunham says she wished teachers rounded up grades, which they cannot. She also said she wished for the teacher surveys to go to Wieczorek, Paradowski, and Gordon. She does not wish students could drive between campuses if they have classes at both. She also believes that students should be exempt from finals if they have an A.

Along with the schedule changes and teacher surveys, Attwell also speaks up about the calendar and school’s schedule.

Attwell says he wished school started later. He said Arrowhead’s annual schedule needs adjustments. He said Arrowhead’s schedule should be like CMH’s (Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha) schedule: finals are before break, start school year earlier so they could end early for summer, no random days off so they can have a longer spring break.

Dunham only said she wished Arrowhead started earlier, kept the random days off, and had a longer spring break.

Dunham says she does not wish school started later. She thinks the Arrowhead calendar needs adjustments regarding Christmas break and spring break. She does not believe Arrowhead should switch to CMH’s schedule, only because she doesn’t want to start earlier.

Arrowhead senior Alexis Nyren said she wished Arrowhead switched to CMH’s schedule. She said, “studying for finals after break is hard when we’ve had almost two weeks off.” She said she thinks Arrowhead needs to adjust their schedule.