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What Juniors Thought of the ACT

The ACT for Arrowhead Union High School juniors was on March 12th, 2024. Students were told to arrive at school by 7:15 a.m. and to use Door 1. They had to be in their assigned room by 7:25 a.m. The tests began at 7:30 a.m. Students couldn’t get into the testing room after the doors were closed and the test booklets were given out. 


Junior Ava Nowak says, “I was anxious walking into the ACT because I was unsure what to expect but when I got out I was relieved that it was over with.”


Students were told to have pre-signed in or to have created a My ACT account before taking the ACT on March 12th. This ensured that everyone was ready to go when it was time. 


Junior Mallory Mattson says,  “When five minutes hit on each test, I got super nervous because I still had lots of questions unanswered.” 


The ACT suggests students answer every question. There is no penalty for guessing; points in each part will only be based on how many questions a student gets right. 


Backpacks and cell phones had to stay at home or in cars. Students were not allowed to go to their locker. It was also against the rules to wear a watch while taking the test. Every watch needed to be taken off and put on the desk face up.


The day of testing went till 12:45 pm. Students were able to go home directly after.


Special education teacher Jessica Thompson says, “For the ACT this year as a proctor, I felt as though the test seemed to be harder than in year’s past, but our students felt more prepared than in years past due to our school-wide initiative to improve ACT scores.”


If students took the bus or waited for a ride home, they were directed to the cafeteria where they could wait quietly. 


Junior Ansley Schaak says, “It was nice that we ended early. I went home and took a nap; it was such a draining test so it was nice to take the rest of the day off.”


Freshmen and sophomores had a full day and did not get out until 2:26 pm. 


Freshman and sophomore students that have classes at the end of the day at North stayed in the South cafeteria until it was time to leave or go on to their next class at south campus. 


Students can expect to get their scores back around three weeks after taking the test.

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