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How Teachers Prepare Juniors for the ACT on March 12

How Teachers Prepare Juniors for the ACT on March 12

The statewide Wisconsin ACT for Juniors is scheduled for March 12th. Arrowhead’s Junior students are given a room that they must report to by 7:25am to take the test. The information of where the students are supposed to report to and when is posted on the walls near the North Campus counselors office.


Seniors do not have school the day of the test. Freshmen and sophomores will have school at South Campus.


In order to prepare students for the ACT, Arrowhead teachers have been doing reviews in their classes for the ACT. 


The social studies teachers went over the writing and reading portion of the exam. They gave students different techniques and asked the seniors in the class what worked best for them to take the writing and reading portion. 


Social studies teacher Chris Skaros said, “Make sure to read a window of the lines it is asking you to refer to.” 


He says this means that when a question is asked and is referring to lines in the passages, don’t just read those lines, read the words around the lines as well. 


Junior Emmy Berger said a teacher that has helped her is English teacher Liz Munkwitz. “She made sure that every Tuesday we did some sort of ACT English and reading prep,” says Berger.


Students in a composition class focus on preparing for the writing portion, while students who in a literature class focus more on preparing the reading portion of the ACT. 


Berger said she has prepared by doing a bootcamp at Arrowhead and has looked through the ACT textbook.


Junior Lauren Thompsons said, “I think taking the ACT more than one time helped me a lot.” 


Many students say they’re realizing that practicing and/or taking the ACT more than once helps their score. 


When teachers are reviewing certain parts of the ACT in class, Junior Lauren Thompson, Grace Hamilton, and Lindsey Washburn who have already taken the ACT are finding that to be helpful to them. 


Thompson said, “I think that I did better my second time taking it because I knew what to expect going into the test.” 


Junior Avery Kowalewski said she has been using methodize to help her practice and get ready for the ACT.  “I feel it has been helping me a lot,” Kowalewski said. 


Junior Ella Serwin said she has been doing study packets, ACT boot camp, and Methodize. 


Serwin said, “I took it once already and I think I am going to do much better the second time.”

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