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Quick $50 program started at Arrowhead

Arrowhead has revamped its $50 program to maintain safety at school. The program started in the early 2000s and was very prominent until the pandemic hit in 2020. With the pandemic and the change of School Resource Officer, the school has not used the program in recent years. 


“‘Quick 50’ is a program that is a ‘Tip system’ to help me ensure that the school is safe. It is run through the Wisconsin Department of Justice and several other schools in the state have been using it for years,” says Deputy Tyler Dunker. 


The idea behind the program was to reward students for bringing forth information that can help schools throughout the entire state to be more safe. This information includes, but is not limited to, theft, vaping (nicotine/THC), criminal damage, etc.


“I think it is a very proactive program if you really want to catch tthe kids who do bad things, but I think there is a negative to it that will involve conflict amoung the Arrowhead population,” says senior Arianna Daughtery.


The program allows students who come forward with information regarding other students breaking the law on school grounds and have an opportunity to be rewarded with up to a $50 gift card to an establishment of their choice. The student is able to Deputy bunker in person or by email. 


“I honestly think it’s not going to do much, I just feel like a lot of people are not going to want to go and report out of fear of their classmates finding out who snitched,” says junior Andrea 


“The main goal is to make Arrowhead as safe as possible. The tipster will remain 100% anonymous in any reporting beyond the initial tip to myself and then the payment,” says Dunker. 


A reward will only be received if the incident leads to a citation or an arrest which is required by the Department of Justice in order to provide the funds and Bunker holds the final discretion as to the amount tipster will receive based on the outcome. 

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