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Where Seniors are Going to College

Senior year is a time for students to make big decisions. They evaluate what they have done the previous three years. 


Seniors are picking a college by May 1st 2024 to attend for the next chapter of their life. 


“I didn’t really know where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted to stay in Wisconsin. I just asked around for UW schools that had good education systems,” says Olivia Vogt, a senior pursuing a degree in elementary education.


College choices and the path of the future change throughout the course of high school. Each year of high school brings different opportunities and chances for future plans.


“Originally I had wanted to go to the University of Madison because that is where a bunch of my family went and I was very interested in the volleyball program there. But last year, I decided to change my major so I looked at the school since it had my major,” says Ellie Bognar, a senior who is headed to University of Minnesota Twin Cities.


The next chapter of college often involves a school that brings forward new opportunities and clubs that could not be provided at Arrowhead High School.


“They have a rock climbing club which I’m super excited for and want to join,” says Vogt. 


“I’m excited because it’s a more diverse community than what we have at Arrowhead since it’s closer to Chicago and it has a big foreign exchange program so I’m excited to meet new people from everywhere,” says Tia Salerno, a senior going to Lake Forest College.


Sometimes outside influences or family connections can be a factor in college choices. Perhaps it’s a family legacy or a dream school that no one has gotten into yet.


“A couple of my cousin’s friends are going [there] right now and they definitely had an influence on my choice and helped my application process and getting me ready to go there next year,” Bognar.


“I know people that graduated last there that go there, and people that are going there with me this year. Sandy Nicolaes, Nora Paragini are freshmen this year, and people coming with me are Livi Voelker and Taylor Koch,” says Vogt.


Homesickness is another factor that influences college choices. Some students are eager to get away from home, while others can’t bear the thought of being far away. 


“When I first started looking at colleges I was looking at the east coast in Vermont but recently I realized that I wanted to stay closer to home. I’ve gotten kinda clingy with my family and I like spending time with them more and if that continues that I’ll like being closer to home,” says Salerno.


“I chose my school because I wanted the distance but not like so far away,” says Bognar.


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