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Students Favorite Music of 2023

In the year of 2023, students at Arrowhead High School had enjoyed listening to similar artists as well music.


With the many music genres to choose from like hip-hop, country, today’s hits, blues, rock, and techno music, students stated that they either classified hip hop or sad music to be their favorite. 


“Music changed all throughout 2023,” said sophomore Sara Kleinhans. 


Today’s hits consist of songs by artists like Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Dua Lipa, and Drake while the sad music consists of artists like Tom Odell, Matt Hansen, Bruno Mars, and David Kushner. 


Senior Grace Hamilton said, “My favorite music artist is Matt Hansen because his songs are sad but relatable.” 


Many students who are upperclassmen at Arrowhead stated that their favorite genre of music was sad and/or hip-hop. 


“It’s the two extremes. I either am in a mood where I need to be calm, like at school or moods where I need to be hype, like at the gym,” said junior Lauren Thompson. 


Senior Lindsey Washburn says music in 2023 was a big part of her life. “There were a lot of new songs that came out but also just songs that I discovered that may have been old that helped me with everyday life.” 


Many students stated that they listened to music to help cope with feelings or emotions they had. 


“The song What Was I Made For by Billie Eilish was one I just loved the beat of and a song that always made me calm, even though the message of it is sad,” said senior Grace Hamilton. 


According to a 2023 NewYork Times article, people listen to sad music because it helps them connect and allows them to appreciate their own sense of suffering. That same article also states that music can make people feel all different emotions, meaning that a sad song can make one angry or a “rage induced song” could make someone happy. 


“My favorite music just depends on my mood or what I am doing,” said senior Sophie Nowak. 


Rachel Kleinhas said her favorite song of 2023 was Write my wrongs by Brycen Tiller. “It’s such a great song and my most played last year.” 


Sophia Drake said her favorite song was Tumbler by G-Eazy. “It reminds me of summer.”

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