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Students Look Forward to 2024

Students Look Forward to 2024

With 2023 coming to an end, students are starting to look forward to track season and summer and spring break. Seniors say they are excited for graduation as well as going off to college.


The track season starts March 4, 2024 and students can join by filling out a form that is sent out to their school emails if they have done track in previous years and if they are interested in joining for the first time it is linked in the Arrowhead website


Senior Lindsey Washburn says, “I am excited for it to be summer again.” 


The last day of school for the seniors is Friday, May 31st, 2024. For the rest of the Arrowhead students, the last day is Friday, June 7th, 2024.


Outside activities tend to be done more in the summer and are a lot more enjoyable, says Washburn. 


To add, many students say they are looking forward to spring break. For spring break 2024, students have off starting Saturday the 23rd of March and return to school Monday the first of April. 


“I am excited to go on a vacation with my family,” says sophomore Sara Kleinhans. 


Following spring break for seniors is Decision Day on May 1st, 2024. This is the day nationwide, when students make their final decisions on where they will be attending college.


Lindsey Washburn has committed to Transylvania University. 


Naomi Little has decided to commit to Concordia University. 


Another thing students are looking forward to is the senior party.


“I heard last year from other seniors that [the senior party] was fun to go to, so I want to go this coming year,” said senior Grace Hamilton. 


Details for this event are to come out on the Arrowhead High School website; however, they are not presented there as of December sixth, 2023. At last year’s senior party there were games, face paintings, bounce houses, prizes, and a hypnotist. 


According to the article Arrowhead Senior Party Approaches by Onesti Ekholm and Zara Agustin Jardon, there was a fee of $55 however the price to attend the senior party increased up to $75 as the party approached.  


The school year ends for the seniors on June 1st, 2024, and after the seniors graduate, some students say they are looking forward to college and meeting new people. 


College feels like a new start and I am ready to leave high school, says senior Elsa Piering.  


As senior Chloe Susitti said, “I am most excited to meet new people but I also am ready to start something new.”


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